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    Dongguan Boke Precise Molding Technology Co., Ltd.

    Precision parts processing and manufacturing

    Dongguan Boke Precise Molding Technology Co., Ltd is a factory with 12 years of CNC machining practical experience which located in Dongguang Guangdong province. Dongguan is famous for “world factory city” with excellent auxiliary facilities in CNC machining service. Take “satisfied business” as our core philosophy so we will change position to think about what should do and how to do in international business. BOKE has been well developed with a team’s years of hard working:
    ● Engineer team--solve technology difficulties, offer reasonable advise.
    ● QC inspection team: control product quality from the beginning to the end with our VMS/CMM inspection system.
    ● Skilled workers: professional with machine operation, make sure correct process and efficient.
    ● Sale team: skilled sale young people who are friendly and easy going. No gaps between you and us.

    BOKE Advanced Equipment


    ● 5 Axis CNC milling machine
    ● CMM QC Test System
    ● Experienced & Responsible Engineer Team
    ● Skilled Operate Worker
    ● Professional Sale Team.

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    BOKE Specialized In


    ● 5 axis CNC machining parts,CNC turning parts
    ● 3D printing rapid prototype
    ● Plastic prototype and plastic mold
    ● Bend tube, Laser cutting, Sheet metal fabricati
    ● Extrusion die, die casting die, investment casting, etc.

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